5 Cuisines from Bihar, not to miss this Chhath puja

Chhath is already here, and the ambience of Bihar during chhath is quite vibrant. Bihar (& Biharis) sparkle with joy, when chhath is around.

Abhijeet Rai
3 min readNov 19, 2020

Nevermind, it is quite likely that your friend from Bihar, must be visiting his native, to take part in Puja. Here is the list of 5 cuisines you have to ask him(or her) to carry for you, from the land of Buddha(Bihar).

  1. Thekua An absolute delight for people with sweet tooth. Wheat flour is mixed with jaggery and deep fried to get this delicacy ready. Chhath prasad is incomplete without this one.

2. Litti Chokha How can you speak about Bihari food without mentioning this one! Litti Chokha is your grand welcome to the cuisine of Bihar. Sattu is mixed with spices and kneaded inside round wheat balls. The wheat ball is then dipped in ghee to cook litti. Chokha is prepared by mashing tomatoes, potatoes and brinjals together with chillies, ginger and lemon. Vegetables are directly smoked on flame first, before mashing.

3. Chana Ghugni An extremely common dish in households of Bihar. Chana ghugni is answer, when one feels peckish(a bit hungry) in evening. Chana Ghugni is a spicy mix of Bengal gram which is prepared with Onion, Tomatoes, Green chillies, and Spices.

4. Malpua A goodie served as sweet. Batter of malpua is prepared using flour, milk, mashed bananas, sugar(or jaggery) and cardamom(optional). The batter is then deep fried in ghee and dipped in sugar syrup. The crispy crust and soft centre melts in mouth, making it all-time favourite lip smacking delicacy of Bihar.

5. Pedakiya (Gujiya / Pidukia) All purpose flour (maida) is stuffed with khoya, cooked semolina (rawa / sooji), coconut, cardamom powder and dry fruits in a crispy covering and dipped in sugar-syrup to get it ready. This mouth watering traditional bite is gonna sweeten all your senses.



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